The Final Buzzer

I don’t know how I kept this tour going. Oh yes I do — barely.

My life is Diana Ross upside down. After being grounded nuclear family-style for the past several years, all my stuff has been sold, given away or is in storage, and I am utterly mobile. I’m working on my small press, a documentary that will screen in a few months, several works of fiction, still contributing nonfiction to a couple of publications, and getting ready to travel half of Florida promoting my book — and it’s a big fucking state. I need a low-maintenance lifestyle right now and a 4-bedroom house in the country wasn’t providing that.

If it weren’t for the extremely-fucking-brilliant writers who make up Girls Who Score, I would not have set up a blog tour. But exactly because I was blessed enough, not only to have some of the most prolific, intelligent, well-known, admired, and respected erotica authors in the world, but all the authors that I personally admire in a geeky, fan-girlish way, contribute a story, I would have been remiss if I hadn’t. Each of the writers in this book has made me come…very far in my admiration for them. I would like to thank them for making my first foray into the hallowed halls of editordomshipness a very easy process. You will always be my starting lineup. Continue reading


Beth Wylde Takes the Ice

It’s no secret that I think butch girls are HOT. The butch/femme pairing is one of my all time favorites, but for Girls Who Score I decided to mix things up a bit. You rarely see a hard core butch hook up with the same and if one big, beefy butch is good then two together has to be better, right? I thought so. When I saw the call I couldn’t resist submitting a story. I’d just recently scored my first Cleis antho acceptance, and I really wanted a second one, so I sat down at my computer to see what I could work up.

In real life I’m not graceful or overly tall. I’m not super skinny or big and muscled. I rarely played sports because it always ended badly. I often lost and I am not a gracious loser. It takes a lot to get my temper riled up but when it happens, get out of the way. I wanted to write a story that showed that type of emotion. A strong, witty, kick ass female, both at her sport and between the sheets. Something hard hitting and deliciously rough — dominant personalities turn me on.

Once I started doing some research and discovered that women played hockey, and not just for recreation but an actual league, I knew I had my story idea. My lead character Stephanie Tanner is the take no prisoner’s type, on the ice and off. She’s suffering from an injury she;s kept hidden but the pain isn’t going to let her hide it much longer. Desperate women do desperate things, and to find out if Stephanie and her teem succeed you need to get your copy of Girls Who Score today. Here’s just a little taste of my story, Lucky Number Three: Continue reading