Gina Marie Knocks You Out

I like the smell of wrestling rooms. Bike mechanics with ponytails turn me on. Sweat is sexy. A little girl-on-girl touch football on Sunday afternoon gets my blood going to all the right places. Tough chicks in soccer shorts….oh my God. But then we strip it all way and slip into the shower. We wipe the grease from our hands and head to the city to take in a show and make out in the theater balcony. After the fight, we clean up real nice and go out on the town smelling like juniper oil and rosemary soap.

Blood Lust is a study in contrasts and a celebration of the senses. It’s what I tend to do in my work – get down to the bones, then extract the marrow of life. I enjoy putting my characters into unusual situations and then letting them have at it. I’m rarely disappointed.

It is truly an honor to be part of this incredible collection with so many amazing writers. Reading these stories and following the blog tour has me permanently turned on. I love you horny bitches!!! Rock on!


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Cheyenne Blue Takes Off Running

I suppose you could say I’m the sporty type,  so when I saw Ily’s call for subs for a lesbian erotica anthology with a sports theme, I knew immediately I wanted to write for it.  I debated what sport I wanted to write about. Tennis – inspired by my never-ending crush, Amelie Mauresmo; boxing – inspired by the joy of pounding bag at the gym; even the very sweaty, very girly world of step aerobics, which I love. But somehow it always came back to running.

It always comes back to running.

My story, “Run, Jo, Run” isn’t about me, but I’m there in the story in the way that running makes me feel. The exhilaration, the exhaustion, the joy, the pain, the strength, the freedom. Always the freedom. And like Jo, I find running is a way of solving problems, escaping sadness, celebrating the happy things, releasing tension. Peace talks would go way better if the participants had to do a swift 5km first!

Of course, I’m a fraction of the runner that my characters, Jo and Carys, are. They have ability, strength, and stamina that I can only dream about! Wish fulfillment anyone? *g*

My copy of Girls Who Score is yet to arrive – Australia really is the arse-end of the world when it comes to mailing things – so I have yet to read any of the other stories in the book. I’m greatly looking forward to its arrival – many of my favorite writers writing about many of my favorite things.

Kudos to Ily for her line up. I’m honored to be included.


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Anna Watson Heads One In

My butch husband and I were just up in Burlington, Vermont for a bit of a vacation and to commune with Lake Champlain. We even had some social intercourse, during which the revelation that I write erotica was met with differing reactions. One Green Mountain dyke’s caterpillar-esque eyebrows danced merrily and her eyes twinkled. Another blushed and changed the subject. Another just couldn’t get over it, and kept asking, “Really? You do? Really?! You do?!”

Yes, I do! And one reason I do is because I want there to be a conversation. I want us to connect with our shared human-ness, the electric hum of sexuality that vibrates beneath the skin of all queers. And an erotica anthology is a great place for that conversation and connection to take place.

I came out late, and perhaps I started writing butch/femme erotica in order to imagine a past for myself. Another reason is because I didn’t see enough b/f stories that were both hot and real (happily that is changing!). By real, I mean the author treating the characters with respect and endowing them with histories, humor, humanity.

Erotica is incredibly important because, for some folks, it may be one of very few venues in which their own sexuality is reflected back to them. I take that seriously – I don’t want to fuck with the importance of people fucking. Despite all the hoopty generated by those gray stories and reality tv and things on the internet that usually pass me by; despite the fact that in some places queer burlesques and all manner of sexy classes, talks, and readings are practically a dime a dozen, I still don’t think there’s near enough talk about queer sexuality, especially in rural communities.

The late, great John Preston, author of Mr. Benson and one of my role models, said that he wrote pornography so that gay men could be sexually healthy. For John, gay men, for me femmes and butches, for you, who knows? I say, amen, and pass the anthology! I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the stories!

Thank you to Ily for putting out the call for sporty, sexy dykes! I had a lot of fun imagining this butch, her 6-month old twins, her hot wife, her elderly dad, and the visit to her alma mater that stirs up a batch of memories about that most troubling of sexual obsessions: the straight girl.

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Allison Wonderland Spins You Right Round, Baby

I roller skate, don’t drive no car. Don’t go too fast, but I go pretty far. – Melanie, “Brand New Key”

Last year, I attended my very first roller derby. I guess you could say I was in need of new roll models in my life. I’d been intrigued ever since I saw that poster posted on the bulletin board of the bagel shop I frequented. It said: Talk derby to me.

I did some research online about the sport, so I wouldn’t be completely clueless my first time. I delighted in learning about the psychotic pseudonyms players picked. My favorites include such charming nicknames as Punky Bruiser, Lucy Ballbreaker, Lucille Brawl, and Sally Jessy Rot-in-Hell.

At the bout, I was in awe. The game is so theatrical. The choreography is amazing, the way the pack of players careens around the track like a human rollercoaster. I liked the sport instantly—it promotes agility over fragility, demands physical strength and strength of character. Plus, I loved watching the players move: wending and bending, all nerve and verve, hustle and muscle.

I tried to capture all that Sapphletic prowess in my piece, “Out and a Bout,” in which a roller derby player gets her first-timer girlfriend’s wheels turning, resulting in comically conjugal consequences.

Here’s a little piece of the action: Continue reading

Sinclair Sexsmith’s Steamy Story

My story is called “A Good Workout,” and it’s one of the first butch-on-butch erotica stories I’ve ever written. Despite my #gymbunny hash tag on Twitter, I’m not much of an athlete, and never have been. But a few things came to mind when I started thinking about the scenarios that I’d possibly find myself in that would be sexy and somewhat athletic: the locker room at the gym, other butches in that locker room and the way we don’t really acknowledge each other even though we have some gender solidarity in a mainstream women’s space, and the lesbian story from My Secret Garden edited by Nancy Friday that I read fifteen years ago about an anonymous encounter in a steam room.

I wanted the characters to be taken with each other in a mirroring kind of way, seeing themselves reflected in each other’s body. They have a few moments of gender solidarity, not quite acknowledging each other but still recognizing that they both go through odd gender pinprick encounters with the women in the locker room on a regular basis. And then, what happens in the steam room … it isn’t so much about overwhelming desire in each other with romantic interest, but about curiosity, almost like the commonality of same sex encounters that many straight people experience as pre-teens and teenagers. Continue reading

Delilah Devlin Scores Big

I’ve never met Ily, but during the course of submitting a short then publishing in her Girls Who Score anthology we’ve become online pals. Last year, I was where she’s at right now. The latest virgin editor for Cleis Press. I feel like the geek-guy on NCIS when he passes his “Probie” title onto Ziva—proud and a little relieved to be past the first humps. But I think Ily’s gonna be just fine.

You see, I have my copy of Girls Who Score, and I’ve been reading. And the book is cram-jammed filled with awesome. Ily has an eye for a good story.

Let me tell you about mine. I was never a “sporty” girl. Sure, I spent years in the military working out. I could run and walk, but I don’t have great hand-to-eye coordination and I’m clumsy. So sports have never been my thing. But I have a daughter who played soccer for years and just happens to live across the street, so I picked her brain, had her run through the last minutes of a game, and help me with the language. It’s what writers do. We write what we know although sometimes it’s something we learn from an expert. So, the action you see in this opening scene is something I “saw” as my dd described the action. Hope you enjoy. Continue reading

Beth Wylde Takes the Ice

It’s no secret that I think butch girls are HOT. The butch/femme pairing is one of my all time favorites, but for Girls Who Score I decided to mix things up a bit. You rarely see a hard core butch hook up with the same and if one big, beefy butch is good then two together has to be better, right? I thought so. When I saw the call I couldn’t resist submitting a story. I’d just recently scored my first Cleis antho acceptance, and I really wanted a second one, so I sat down at my computer to see what I could work up.

In real life I’m not graceful or overly tall. I’m not super skinny or big and muscled. I rarely played sports because it always ended badly. I often lost and I am not a gracious loser. It takes a lot to get my temper riled up but when it happens, get out of the way. I wanted to write a story that showed that type of emotion. A strong, witty, kick ass female, both at her sport and between the sheets. Something hard hitting and deliciously rough — dominant personalities turn me on.

Once I started doing some research and discovered that women played hockey, and not just for recreation but an actual league, I knew I had my story idea. My lead character Stephanie Tanner is the take no prisoner’s type, on the ice and off. She’s suffering from an injury she;s kept hidden but the pain isn’t going to let her hide it much longer. Desperate women do desperate things, and to find out if Stephanie and her teem succeed you need to get your copy of Girls Who Score today. Here’s just a little taste of my story, Lucky Number Three: Continue reading