The Next Big Thing (Round Deux)

When the enigmatic, talented, and also, very, very sweet, Aisling Mancy asked me to participate in a second round of The Next Big Thing, it was impossible to refuse (no, really — Mancy had me suspended over a pool of electric eels). Actually, this blog Daisy chain is a pleasure to participate in — it gives us writers a break from what we do for hours on end, every single day — surf the web writing. So make sure to follow all the writers tagged in our posts, because you never know…you may just discover the next big thing.

What is the working title of the book?

Well, I am still working on One for the Money as I was last TNBT, so I won’t discuss that one again. As an editor/publisher, I’m working on Permission Granted, an erotic thrillogy by debut author, DJ Storm as well as a follow up to Miami Beat, a mystery published by my small press earlier this year.

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