Gina Marie Knocks You Out

I like the smell of wrestling rooms. Bike mechanics with ponytails turn me on. Sweat is sexy. A little girl-on-girl touch football on Sunday afternoon gets my blood going to all the right places. Tough chicks in soccer shorts….oh my God. But then we strip it all way and slip into the shower. We wipe the grease from our hands and head to the city to take in a show and make out in the theater balcony. After the fight, we clean up real nice and go out on the town smelling like juniper oil and rosemary soap.

Blood Lust is a study in contrasts and a celebration of the senses. It’s what I tend to do in my work – get down to the bones, then extract the marrow of life. I enjoy putting my characters into unusual situations and then letting them have at it. I’m rarely disappointed.

It is truly an honor to be part of this incredible collection with so many amazing writers. Reading these stories and following the blog tour has me permanently turned on. I love you horny bitches!!! Rock on!


“Blood Lust” Excerpt:

Rae stood there lost in lust-thought in front of the mirror, a wet towel poised to wipe the blood away. At that moment Marinda walked in and stood behind her, staring her down, her jaw puffy, eyes flashing with anger, her face still glazed with a bright sheen of sweat.
Rae put the towel down and straightened her back. “Nice fight, bitch.”
“You too, whore.”
Marinda moved in close and grabbed Rae’s ass, not once removing her dark, vicious gaze from Rae’s reflection in the mirror.
“I know what you want from me Sugar Rae.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah, I’ve been around.”
“Don’t fuck with me Marinda.”
“It’s Lucinda to you little Miss Cherry pie ala fucking mode.”
“Fine. Don’t fuck with me Lucinda.”
“Oh, I will fuck with you. I will fuck with you ‘till you can’t take it any more. But you won’t get it that easy.”
“Really? Is that your game? Playing hard to get?”
Rae was breathing hard, Marinda’s hands reaching lower, her fingers teasing Rae’s crotch.
“No, baby, not hard to get. Hard to hit. Best two out of three.”
Rae nearly exploded on the spot. She wiped the blood from her cheek and turned around.
Lucinda leaned forward and pulled Rae in close by the back of her neck, their lips nearly touching.
“Bring your best game lover girl,” she growled. “I don’t know what’s going on in your twisted fucking mind, but just so youknow — if you lose, and you most likely will — you’ll be begging for mercy at the working end of my whip.”



And now, a little sensual sweetness to round out this post. I’m stopping along the path after work tonight where the fruit is bursting to pick berries for blackberry sorbet. May I feed it to you roughly and then lick the drips from your neck?


Blackberry Sorbet

Makes 1 Quart


1 Cup Water
1 Tsp. Sure-Jell for less or no sugar needed recipes
1/8 tsp salt
4 cups fresh blackberries
½ cup, plus 2 T sugar
¼ cup light corn syrup


  1. Combine water, Sure-Jell and salt in medium saucepan. Heat 5 minutes or until fully dissolved. Cool 10 minutes
  2. Combine blackberries, sugar, corn syrup and water mixture in a blender until smooth.
  3. Strain
  4. Transfer 1 cup of mixture to a small bowl. Freeze. Place remainder in the fridge. Combine mixtures and churn in ice cream maker or simply freeze for at least two hours in an airtight container.
  5. Slurp!

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2 thoughts on “Gina Marie Knocks You Out

  1. Ily Goyanes says:

    You’re fucking awesome, you know that?

  2. Gina Marie says:

    Ditto!! So honored to be here!

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