Beth Wylde Takes the Ice

It’s no secret that I think butch girls are HOT. The butch/femme pairing is one of my all time favorites, but for Girls Who Score I decided to mix things up a bit. You rarely see a hard core butch hook up with the same and if one big, beefy butch is good then two together has to be better, right? I thought so. When I saw the call I couldn’t resist submitting a story. I’d just recently scored my first Cleis antho acceptance, and I really wanted a second one, so I sat down at my computer to see what I could work up.

In real life I’m not graceful or overly tall. I’m not super skinny or big and muscled. I rarely played sports because it always ended badly. I often lost and I am not a gracious loser. It takes a lot to get my temper riled up but when it happens, get out of the way. I wanted to write a story that showed that type of emotion. A strong, witty, kick ass female, both at her sport and between the sheets. Something hard hitting and deliciously rough — dominant personalities turn me on.

Once I started doing some research and discovered that women played hockey, and not just for recreation but an actual league, I knew I had my story idea. My lead character Stephanie Tanner is the take no prisoner’s type, on the ice and off. She’s suffering from an injury she;s kept hidden but the pain isn’t going to let her hide it much longer. Desperate women do desperate things, and to find out if Stephanie and her teem succeed you need to get your copy of Girls Who Score today. Here’s just a little taste of my story, Lucky Number Three:

Lucky Number Three

A quick glance at the scoreboard reveals we have forty seconds left. I’ve got control of the puck and my teammates plow me a path down the center of the ice. It’s now or never.
I’m almost close enough to try for the goal when two members of the opposing team manage to break through our defense. They veer off to surround me, one on each side, and gaining fast. I know I’m in trouble. Just a couple more feet and I’m guaranteed to make the shot but from where I’m at it is still too risky. If I miss, the game is over. No time to try again.
Then Mulligan, our right defense, is rushing to my rescue. Dee Mulligan, number three, is the biggest, baddest, butchest player in the entire league. I thank God every morning that she’s on our side. I wouldn’t want to face off against her for all the money in China. That scenario would be all the retirement incentive I’d need, whether my knee was screwed up or not.
It doesn’t hurt that Dee is also really nice eye candy. She’s tall and muscular with dark skin that hints at something more than just white bread in her family tree. Her black curly hair is cut really short in the back and there’s not an ounce of fat on her frame. Dee has starred in more than one masturbation fantasy of mine. It’s impossible to watch her at play and not get turned on. She’s a beast on the ice. Aggressive to the max. Team showers have been especially stressful. It’s all I can handle to see her parading around the locker room half naked and totally unashamed. Her body is a work of art.
She turns to the side and flashes the big number three painted on her back as she aims one beefy shoulder at the woman barreling down on my right. I wince in sympathy as they make contact. Even over the roar of the crowd I can hear the impact. The girl goes down in a tangled heap of her own arms and legs, spinning madly until she hits the wall with a meaty thud. She’s definitely going to feel that in the morning. Hell, she’s probably feeling it right now.

To see what Steph and Dee do once the game is over you have to read, “Lucky Number Three,” so what are you waiting for? Get your copy of Girls Who Score now!

I love to hear from readers. If you enjoy the story drop me a line at


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