Girls Who Score Make Me Hot


Sorry – I tend to get a little excited. But, the truth is that I should be. After all, my sexy, steamy, sweaty anthology about lesbian athletes is out and causing a bit of a stir.

I was motivated to put this collection together as an homage to women in sports. I wanted to celebrate their physicality, their emotional strength, and their competitive spirit – and, okay, maybe their toned, sensual bodies as well.

Whether rocking a court, a field, a gym, or a ring – women who play sports are hot. And I was blessed to find that some of the best erotica writers in the world agree.

GWS contains sixteen stories. Some sweet, some funny, all sizzling. Here’s a little taste:

“Chairs” by Sommer Marsden is sweetly torturous – just how far would you go for that dominant hottie on your team?

Gina Marie’s “Blood Lust,” about two female boxers,  hits you hard – and likes it.

Ever wonder what happens when two butch babes cruise each other at the gym? Sinclair Sexsmith has the delicious answer in “A Good Workout.”

When the game (and quite possibly your career) is on the line, there is only one way to relax – by having some knee-knocking, uniform-ripping sex with one of your teammates. Find out who wins in Beth Wylde’s “Lucky Number Three.”

Anna Watson explores life after and locker rooms full of naked straight girls in “Give and Go.”

Delilah Devlin’s characters get creative with sports equipment in “Playing the Field.”

“Run, Jo, Run” by Cheyenne Blue,captures the essence of running – from life and from love – until you find someone who wants to run with you.

Being forced to participate is fun in JT Langdon’s “Boot Camp.”

“Facing the Music” by Kiki DeLovely, is a funny, touching, kinky trip back to school.

If you like word play as much as you enjoy role play, you’ll heartily enjoy “Out and a Bout” by Allison Wonderland

“The Outside Edge” by Sacchi Green is a classic – smart, sexy, and true.

Shanna Germain packs both an erotic and literary punch with “Hail Mary.”

“Goddess in a Red and Blue Speedo” by D.L. King takes us diving – under water and between legs.

For some epic erotica, “Cymone’s Dominatrix” by Paisley Smith cannot be beat.

Two cheerleaders turn up the heart in Elle’s “Game Over.”

I’m not one to brag, cough, but every single story in GWS is phenomenal. These stories are smart and sexy – erotica writing at its best. I’m proud to say that I was able to put together an all-star lineup for GWS.

Game on.


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